Bike It School

In September 2008, as a further development of our School Travel Plan, and as part of our Healthy Schools initiative, we became a ‘Bike It’ school. This meant we worked in partnership with ‘Sustrans’ to positively encourage children to cycle to school. In 2010 we achieved the Bronze Cycling Award that recognised the work we have done in this area. All children are welcome to cycle to school as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult and wear a cycle helmet. We have a 20 place cycle shelter for bikes to be stored in. We offer a range of cycling activities for all the children to participate in during the year, such as our termly bike breakfast. We also offer Biking Basics courses for the lower Key Stage Two children and Bikeability (the new cycling proficiency course) for the upper Key Stage Two children. Children who achieve level 2 will become eligible to apply for a school permit which allows them to cycle to school unaccompanied by an adult. 

Read our cycle policy 

Our School is part of 'Go for Gold', an incentive based scheme developed to encourage children and their parents to use sustainable travel modes for the school journey. This can include walking, Crocodile Trail, scooting, cycling, using the bus, train, park and walk or car sharing.

The aim is to reduce the number of car trips made to and from school, ease pollution; encourage walking; promote healthier lifestyles for pupils and their families and reduce our carbon footprint on the world.

Children are issued with a ‘passport’ which is stamped each time they make a sustainable journey to school. Certificates and stickers are awarded along the way. Once they have completed a passport they can redeem this for one of many free activities that Buckinghamshire County Council have negotiated with a number of leisure centres throughout Buckinghamshire. These include swimming, bowling and golf.

Go for gold, read about it and download the form