We believe that children benefit considerably from residential trips. They learn as much about themselves, as they do about the activities. To this end, the school arranges two residential trips. In Year 5, children have the opportunity to go to the Kingswood Centre in Staffordshire. They participate in activities such as archery, quad biking, team building as well as ICT activities. They leave school on a Wednesday and come home on the Friday. For many children this is the first time they have spent 2 nights away from home and so staff spend time ensuring children are settled and secure.

In Year 6 the children go to a Residential Activity Centre in Wales. This is a week’s residential trip and the children participate in many outdoor physical activities including canoeing, climbing, abseiling, raft building and coastal walking. Many activities enable the children to face their fears of these very adventurous activities, whilst in a safe, secure environment. You will be fully informed of these visits well in advance and we hope your child will be able to take part. We work hard to ensure that all children, including those with disabilities, can participate as fully as possible in these trips. These trips are not only educational, but great fun and add to the whole learning experience.

Parental Consent

Each year we ask you to complete and sign an Educational Visits Annual Consent Form to cover all activities where travel is not required, e.g. village walks, visits to the local church, as well as day visits further afield, e.g. Hazard Alley, College Lake.  When a trip with travel is planned you will receive a letter via Schoolcomms giving details of the activity, cost, etc. and at the bottom of the letter will be a tear-off slip to print off and send into the office if you need to make any changes to the information provided on the annual consent form. Alternatively there will be an option to make any necessary changes via the payment request section of Schoolcomms.

For the residential visits in Years 5 and 6 a separate consent form will be sent out as additional information is required when children are away overnight.

Details of the Aston Clinton School Journey Insurance Policy