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School Uniform

Our school is pleased to present itself smartly in uniform. We are proud of our school and its achievements and we ask parents to ensure that children are provided with school uniform and that each item is clearly named. The school uniform is:-

For girls:-

white blouse,

grey skirt or pinafore dress,

grey school trousers,

royal blue cardigan or v-necked jumper with the school badge,

school tie,

summer dresses of blue quarter-inch check gingham on white,

white socks or grey tights

black or blue shoes or sandals ( not open toed). No boots or trainers.

Shower proof fleece lined jacket with school badge (optional).

For boys:-

white shirt,

grey trousers,

royal blue cardigan or v-necked jumper with the school badge,

school tie,

grey socks

black or blue shoes or sandals ( not open toed). No boots or trainers.

shower proof fleece lined jacket with school badge (optional).

For P.E.:- the children are barefoot in the hall but will require plimsolls or trainers outside. Children wear a T-shirt linked to their house colour (red, blue, yellow or green) and navy shorts. Girls may wear a royal blue or black leotard. A plain blue track suit may also be worn outside in cold weather but is not compulsory.

Our uniform can be purchased at the Bucks Schoolwear Plus shop situated on Kingsbury Square, Aylesbury town centre (3 doors along from Pizza Express) or by their online shop.



The shop sells our sweatshirts, ties, P.E. t shirts, P.E. bags and book bags. All other items can be purchased at Bucks Schoolwear Plus or other retail outlets.

We do not allow the children to wear make up or nail varnish.

If you are in doubt about what is or is not school uniform…

Children may not wear jeans, leggings, sportswear, “fashion” items, high heels or trainers (other than for PE). Parents are welcome to call into the school for advice.

Generally speaking….

If it is not stated in the uniform policy that the children may wear an item, then it is not permitted.

Mufti Days

From time to time we hold “mufti days where children may wear non school uniform clothing. On these days we would expect the children to wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for school. Clothing with slogans should not be worn; jewellery is not permitted, but children may wear face paint and colour their hair on specified occasions.


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House System


The children are in one of four houses during their time in school. We encourage the children to develop a loyalty to their house and an understanding of competition within a framework of good sportsmanship and consideration for others. We aim to help them understand that, however small they may feel, they are part of a team and their contribution counts. The houses are called:


  • Birch (green)
  • Collyer (blue)
  • Griffin (yellow)
  • Taylor ( red)

 The names were chosen by the School Council. They are soldier’s names from the war memorials of the four local parishes. House captains and Vice Captains are elected by the members of each house. The children’s house points go towards the weekly house totals as well as the results from the half-termly inter-house competitions. These competitions range from sporting activities to mental maths quizzes, spelling bees........the list goes on!

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Jewellery and Hair


Jewellery is not permitted. It is not only unnecessary but can be dangerous and the School Governors are unable to accept liability for any accident caused as a result of a child wearing rings, ear-rings or any form of jewellery. Children may wear a watch (although there are plenty of clocks in our school so it is not essential) but it must be removed before a P.E. or games lesson and the school cannot accept liability for loss or damage. If a child has recently had their ears pierced a simple stud earring is permitted, but again this must be removed for P.E. and games lessons, or taped to avoid injury.

Hair should be neat and tidy and in a style that does not draw undue attention to the child. Hair should not be coloured. There should be no shaved areas or patterns cut into the hair.  Hair accessories must be small and unobtrusive. We also request that long hair is tied up, whether the child is a boy or girl. This is to reduce the spread of head lice, but also so children can see what they are doing in lessons. In P.E. it is a health and safety issue as if hair falls across the face, it restricts visibility on equipment or when catching.


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Fruit and Vegetables

The school participates in the free fruit and vegetable for schools scheme. All children in Reception and Key Stage One are given a piece of fruit or vegetable each day. This can include apples, bananas, carrots, tomatoes. All children are encouraged to try the different fruit or vegetables, but no child will be forced to eat them. Children in Key Stage Two are able to bring fruit in to school to eat as a snack at morning break. No other snacks are permitted.



All children under 5 are entitled to free school milk each day. After they are 5 children can still have school milk, but there is a charge. For further details, please ask at the school office.



At Aston Clinton we know that the brain needs water to function at its best. There are water fountains around the school for children to use during the day. We invite all children to bring water bottles in to school. They need to have a sports top so they do not spill, if knocked over. Only water may be put in to the bottles. No fizzy drinks or juices are allowed.


Emergency Contacts

When your child starts school you will fill out an admission form and give various details about your child. Each year we send out a contact card that we ask you to fill in. This gives us the most up to date contact details in September. One aspect of this is contact numbers in case we ever need to get in touch with you in an emergency. Please remember to keep these up to date if you change your phone or place of work - or if a neighbour or relative is your contact - make sure we have their correct address and telephone numbers.

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Absence from School

During the academic year 2012/13 authorised absence was recorded as 4.6 % of total registration marks and unauthorised absence as 0.18%.

It is extremely important that children attend school regularly and on time. If your child is absent from school we ask you to phone the school on the morning of the first day of absence and send a letter in when your child returns giving the reason for absence. Any unexplained absences are followed up with a phone call on the first day of absence so we are aware of why the child is away. We are required to keep very detailed records of all absences and unexplained absences must be marked as 'unauthorised'. Children, whose absence is causing concern will receive a letter from the school. The school Education Welfare Officer monitors children’s absences and works with any families to resolve attendance issues of less than 90%. If your child has to have a medical appointment during school hours then please send a note in advance. More details are on our website in the Attendance Policy.


Holidays during Term Time

We actively discourage parents from taking their children out of school during term time for family holidays. Regulations brought in on 1st September 2013 state it should not be considered the norm for holidays to be authorised and the 10 day ruling has been removed too. Only exceptional circumstances will be allowed for the holiday to be authorised. It is the Headteacher’s decision as to whether a circumstance is exceptional or not. Financial savings are not a good enough reason to plan a holiday in term time and will not be authorised. With advanced notice all working parents should be able to arrange annual leave during a school holiday time. Absence from school due to holiday, or illness, has an impact on learning. The knowledge lost due to absence will not be caught up on, until the concept is covered again, assuming it is. The impact is that the child may have gaps in their knowledge due to sustained absence.

Our Attendance Policy

download our leave of absence form

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School closure

 Severe weather – A system for arranging a broadcast of emergency school closure announcements in bad weather has been arranged. Broadcasts would begin as early as possible and continue until 9.00am. Code words and telephone numbers are confidential and therefore any severe weather warnings would be real. The announcements are made on the following radio stations:

 RADIO MIX96                                    96.2FM                                                       CHILTERN RADIO               97.6FM

 We post information on our school website, and send text messages and emails to all parents whose details we have. Twitter is also used to post messages about school closure (@AstonClintonSch). We also have a link to the Buckinghamshire County Council website, where the school closure information will also be posted. This can also be reached directly by going to . If parents click on the schools link and then the closures link it lists all schools closed that day.

 Closure during a school session – In some exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to close the school during the school day. Under these circumstances the school would ring parents on their contact telephone number to arrange for their children to be collected. In a situation where parents could not be contacted, members of staff would supervise the children until arrangements could be made to get children home (or in some circumstances to a neighbour or friend, where this is prearranged with the school).

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Minor accidents and ailments that occur in school are dealt with by members of staff. Staff hold current First Aid certificates. If more specialised treatment is required, children are referred to hospital and in this case a parent would be contacted immediately. When your child has a bumped head and it is reported to our first aiders; Mrs Brown or Mrs Sissou, you will be informed by a ‘head bump’ e-mail and they will be wearing a sticker to let you know. All reported incidents are recorded in our first aid book in the medical room. Children with high temperatures or stomach upsets should not be sent to school. In the case of sickness and diarrhoea children should not be sent in to school unless they have had 48 hours without any symptoms and have eaten. The school must be notified of any infectious diseases.

Guidance about infectious diseases

If your child is taken ill whilst at school, you will be contacted and asked to make arrangements for their collection.

Parents are requested to contact their child’s class teacher by letter if their child is unable to participate in P.E. / Games lessons. It is not appropriate for a child to ‘tell the teacher’ they cannot do P.E. Any child who does not bring in a written letter will be asked to join in the lesson.


Medicines should not be sent into school unless prescribed by a doctor. Any such medicines must be accompanied by a letter explaining the dosage to be taken and a form in school completed. Antibiotics must be taken regularly and the course of treatment completed if they are to be effective. If there is a break in treatment because parents have not collected medicines at the end of the day, we are not able to continue the dosage. Any medicines in school must be collected by parents; we will not give medicines to a child to take home except for inhalers and epipens. For more information about this please contact the school.

Due to a decision by the local doctor’s surgery not to prescribe over the counter hay fever medication, we have agreed to prescribe non prescribed hay fever medication. The form in school needs to be completed by parents to confirm the child is a hay fever sufferer. Once this is in place we are happy to prescribe the relevant medication. For more information about this please contact the school

Combined administration of medicines form

Supporting children with medical needs policy

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Contacting the school

Our office is covered from 8.30am to 4.00pm every day by our School Administrator, Mrs Finden. Mrs. Hutchinson, Administrative Assistant, covers the office from 8.30am —3.15pm. She is responsible for following up unexplained absences and other administrative duties. Their experience and expertise ensure the smooth running of the school and are a valuable place for all parents to start if they have any enquiries.

Please feel free to pop into the school office rather than phone if that is easier. Also in the office is our school bursar, Mrs Kleppen, who works on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Good behaviour is at the heart of a good school and these are reflected in our school rules. We feel the following school rules develop every child’s responsibility for their actions and respect for themselves and others:

Always try your best, Be safe, Treat others as you would like them to treat you, Take pride in ourselves and our school, Be responsible

Our approach to discipline and behaviour starts with creating a calm orderly environment in which children feel secure and enjoy coming to school. Our expectation is that all children will behave appropriately in school. Our main emphasis is developing every child’s self-discipline in an atmosphere of care for themselves and each other. There are lots of opportunities for rewards for our pupils, such as house points.

If a child continues to have problems with their behaviour we invite the parents in to discuss matters with the class teacher, Key Stage co-ordinator, Deputy Head or the Headteacher. Generally we prefer to rely on incentives and praise, rather than sanctions, but when necessary, an appropriate sanction will be used. We have high expectations of all our children and we help each one to achieve these high standards.

Read our Behaviour Policy

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