This is the last year in the school for the children, many of whom will have been with us since they were 4.  Most of them will have their 11th birthday during the school year.  The class teachers are Mr C Baker, Mrs J Watson and Mrs E Holdcroft. They are ably supported by the TAs  Mrs Graham, Mrs Connor, Mrs Butcher and Mrs Burnham.

This is a very intense year for the pupils, starting with the 11+ tests which occur in the first weeks of the year. The first term is also when secondary school choices are made and the final term is when the children take their Key Stage 2 SATs. These are closely followed by a week's residential trip to a residential centre in Wales which is always enormously popular with the children and forms a major part of their progress towards being secondary school students

The final assembly can be an emotional one for children, parents and staff alike.  There is some sadness about leaving the school but this is always countered with excitement about what is to come and pride in the achievements and progress that have been made.  As a school, we are always very proud of the things that the children go on to achieve, and we are always delighted when they keep in contact with us as they grow towards being young adults.

What the Year 6 curriculum covers

Wales Residential Visit

Timetable           Kit List              Food           Powerpoint Presentation



Our special events this year
Good to know Class news


Autumn Term Special Events

 £ indicates a cost for parents

Topic Are We Apes? Shakespeare
Parents invited in for.. Harvest assembly  Class assembly
Wow events  
Trips    Stratford-upon-Avon  £

Spring Term Special Events

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Topic Greeks


Parents invited in for..
Wow events  

Summer Term Special Events

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Topic Europe Wales
Parents invited in for.. Leavers' production
Wow events

Leavers' production

Trips   Llain outdoor activity centre £

PE/Games Kit:

Lessons are on Wednesdays and Fridays but please keep kit in school all week in case of any last minute timetable changes. 


Spellings are given out on Wednesday and will be tested on Wednesday of the next week.  Spelling homework involves writing out interesting sentences using the given spelling words in the cursive handwriting style recently introduced in school.

Learning Logs and literacy homework folders are given out on alternate weeks, usually on a Tuesday and will be due in the following Tuesday.

Maths homework is given out on Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday.


Reading Records must be regularly updated so please make time to read regularly at home.

In your pencil case:

Please ensure you come to school with the equipment you need in your pencil case:  handwriting or fountain pen, whiteboard pens, and glue sticks seem to be the most commonly forgotten items!

Year 6 are also looking forward to:

Our trip to Stratford-upon-Avon on Monday 3rd November.  A letter giving details will be sent home shortly.


 Here is our Spring Term newsletter


Here is the information given at the Welcome to Year 6 Meeting on 11th July 2017

Parents can see photographs and video here

Presentation from SATS Meeting January 2017