Pupils in year 5 will be 9 or 10 years old, with most of them having their 10th birthday during the school year.  The class teachers are Mr S Bates in Class 5SB and Miss T Porter in Class 5TP ably supported by the TAs  Mrs Wright, Mrs Ford, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Shirran, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Toyne and Mrs Drew.

It is an important year when the children have to embed all the learning habits necessary for year 6 and secondary school. There are greater expectations on the children for taking responsibilities in school. These include applying to become a Jellybean- a KS1 playground leader- and other monitor roles throughout the school.

They also have their first opportunity to spend nights away from home with the trip to London. This is always keenly anticipated by the children and they grow up before our eyes as they experience independence for a short time.

What the Year 5 curriculum covers

Watch the "Moving up to Secondary School" presentation

Our special events this year
Good to know Class news


Autumn Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

 Topic  Rainforest  What the Dickens!
 Parents invited in for..  Carol service
 Wow events  Show racism the red card  Victorian school day
 Trips  Living Rainforest £

Spring Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

 Topic  Victorians  Circus
 Parents invited in for..  London assembly
 Wow events
 Trips    London  £

Summer Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

 Topic  Take one picture  Around the world in eighty days
 Parents invited in for..  Class assembly
 Wow events
 Trips  Hindu Temple £


PE/Games Kit:

Lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays

but please keep kit in school at all times. Shin pads will be required for hockey.



In addition to daily reading, 45 - 60 minutes of Numeracy and Literacy homework are set each week.

Maths Homework is set on Friday and is due in on Thursday.

Literacy or Learning Log homework is set on Friday and is due in on Thursday.

Spellings are set and tested on Wednesdays.


All children are asked to do 15 minutes of reading daily and fill in their reading journal daily. We ask parents to listen to their children read and to sign their Reading Record book once a week.

In your pencil case:

Please ensure you have a handwriting pen, pencil, 30cm ruler,

rubber, pencil sharpener and whiteboard pen with you at all times.

Other useful items are: felt pens, coloured pencils
and glue sticks.


Here is our Spring Term newsletter

Here is the information given at the Welcome to Year 5 meeting

Parents can see photographs and video here