Pupils in year 2 will be 6 or 7 years old, with most of them having their 7th birthday during the school year.  The class teachers are Mrs S Bateman, Ms S Healy and Mrs N Hillsdon. They are ably supported by the TAs – Mrs Kempster, Mrs Merlino and Mrs Benny.

The children in year 2 are in their final year as infants, completing their Key Stage 1 assessments (SATs) at the end of the year.  Although the assessments are a form of testing, the teachers manage them very well so that the children do not feel under any kind of pressure.  In fact, most pupils do not even realise that they are taking KS1 SATs unless someone tells them. The tests form a small part of the teacher assessments that are reported at the end of the year for reading, writing and maths.

 What the Year 2 curriculum covers

Our special events this year
Good to know Class news

Autumn Term Special Events

 £ indicates a cost for parents

Topic Flight of the Navigator Alien Invasion
Parents invited in for.. Class assembly Christmas production
Wow events Birds of Bray event £ Alien Crash Landing

Spring Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents 

Topic Polar express Escher
Parents invited in for..   Art gallery, music festival
Wow events Imaginary trip to North Pole Art gallery, music festival
Trips Tring Museum £  

Summer Term Special Events

 £ indicates a cost for parents

Topic Pudding Lane Jack's gang
Parents invited in for.. Class assembly Fathers' day assembly
Wow events Drama workshop "Fire of London" £ Enterprise week fruit kebabs
Trips   Fruit picking, Odds Farm £

PE/Games Kit:

Lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays but please keep kit in school at all times.


Literacy and numeracy homework is set on Wednesdays and the children have 9 days to complete it. Dates are indicated in the Learning Logs.


Please check Home-School diaries regularly for targets and make time to read at home on a regular basis. Children in Year 2 are old enough to fill in their own Reading Logs, but please ensure that they do so.



 Here is our Spring Term Newsletter 

Here is the information presented at the  KS1 parents meeting on 4th July 2017 

Here is the information from the KS1 SATS meeting held on 21st March

Parents can see photographs and video here