Year 1



Pupils in year 1 will be 5 or 6 years old, with most of them having their 6th birthday during the school year. The class teachers are Miss S Gill and Mrs P Hobley who are ably supported by the team of TAs - Mrs T Foy, Mrs Breslin and Mrs Merlino.

Although older than reception pupils, children in year 1 still benefit from a degree of play-based learning.  The teaching in year 1 is tailored to provide for these needs and to help the pupils with the transition from reception to the more formal education that starts to come in as they progress through the curriculum.  Year 1 also have a dedicated outside space situated right on its doorstep, between it and the school hall.

What the Year 1 curriculum covers


our special events this year
good to know class news

Autumn Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

Topic All about me Celebration time
Parents invited in for.. Grandparents afternoon Class assemblies
Wow events Grandparents afternoon, puppet show Christmas party
Trips Walk around the village Visits to local churches

Spring Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

Topic Artists The sea
Parents invited in for.. Art gallery Spring Play
Wow events Art gallery Under the sea event

Summer Term Special Events

£ indicates a cost for parents

Topic Inventors Africa
Parents invited in for..    
Wow events Vintage car morning  
Trips   Woburn safari park £


 PE for both classes is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please keep kit in school at all times.


In addition to weekly reading tasks, a piece of Literacy and Numeracy homework is set every other Wednesday to complete at home. The children have just under two weeks to complete each pair of tasks.


We recommend the children read with or to their parents for 10 minutes each day.

Reading books are changed on a Monday and
Thursday. Please ensure home school diaries are in book bags everyday.

Here is our Summer Term newsletter

Here is the information presented at the KS1 parents meeting on 4th July 2017

Parents can see photographs and video here