Year R takes the youngest pupils in our school.  The class teachers are Mrs J Bagley and Mrs W Kemp in Class RBK and Miss C Sharper in Class RCS.  They are ably supported by the TAs – Mrs J Potter and Ms S Francis.

Many of the pupils will be only 4 when school starts in September, having their 5th birthdays during the school year.  With such young children, it is important to provide a stimulating and fun environment as their learning is far more play-based than in later years.  Our school has two classrooms and a dedicated outside area available for their learning and we are very proud of the how well our youngest members achieve and enjoy their first year in school.

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Our special events
Good to know Class news
 With topics in the reception class changing frequently, we cannot be specific about each event until nearer the time. However the children can look forward to:
At the end of the autumn term the children perform a nativity play.
During the spring term we invite a visitor in to come and talk to the children about the topic they are doing.
In the summer the children go on a school trip linked to their topic work.

PE - lessons are Mondays and Fridays, but please keep kit in school at all times Homework - Maths and phonics is given out on Fridays and needs to be returned on Thursdays.

Reading - Please encourage your child to share their reading book at home with you.

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