School Closure 

 Severe weather – A system for arranging a broadcast of emergency school closure announcements in bad weather has been arranged. Broadcasts would begin as early as possible and continue until 9.00am. Code words and telephone numbers are confidential and therefore any severe weather warnings would be real. The announcements are made on the following radio stations:

RADIO MIX96                                    96.2FM                  CHILTERN RADIO               97.6FM

 We post information on our school website. We also have a link to the Buckinghamshire County Council website, where the school closure information will also be posted. This can also be reached directly by going to . If parents click on the schools link and then the closures link it lists all schools closed that day.

 Closure during a school session – In some exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to close the school during the school day. Under these circumstances the school would ring parents on their contact telephone number to arrange for their children to be collected. In a situation where parents could not be contacted, members of staff would supervise the children until arrangements could be made to get children home (or in some circumstances to a neighbour or friend, where this is prearranged with the school).