Assessment in schools is very much a changing landscape. To help explain the changes that have taken place with the curriculum a meeting was held for parents in November 2015 and the presentation is attached below. Also attached are the current expectations (Interim Standards)for the end of year 2 and 6.

The old levels system has been withdrawn and school are able to devise their own systems, but with SATs still in place. The National Curriculum Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)are designed to help us to assess children's ability in certain aspects of the core subjects. These are statutory and are taken at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 up to this year have been tested using optional SATs that are similar in format to those taken in Year 2 and 6. With the new curriculum in place for all year groups since September 2015, the tests have changed for years 2 and 6. Currently there are no new tests in place for years 3-5, so we will use the SATs papers we already have in school until new papers are written. Whilst they do not give us data regarding the new expectations, they do show us what the children can and can’t do in tests conditions as well as giving the children experience of working in test conditions. This information allows us to build a record and monitor how each child is progressing throughout their time in school with us. However, the most important piece of evidence we will use to decide whether a child has made progress will be their books.

Your child's progress will be continuously assessed on an informal basis in each lesson by the class teacher. Subsequent lessons will build on what has been achieved previously, reinforce learning and develop new skills at an appropriate pace. This assessment knowledge also contributes to the formal assessment in relation to national curriculum expectations.

Reading skills are fundamental to the development of other curriculum areas and we formally assess all our children from Year 3, twice a year, using the Suffolk reading test and once for Year 2. Spellings are formally assessed twice a year using a standardised test so we can track progress.

Children in Year 6 also take the 11+ which consists of two verbal reasoning tests. These form part of the Secondary School Allocation Procedure. It is not compulsory and parents are entitled to withdraw their child from the process if they wish to. There are two short practice papers the children sit the first full week of September term, followed by the actual tests two days later.  Further information is given to parents in the summer term of year 5.

All our assessment procedures are in place to ensure that your child is given an appropriate curriculum, with appropriate challenge, to enable maximum progress. If you wish to know more about your child’s progress at any time, please arrange to talk to the class teacher in the first instance.

National Curriculum Document

End of KS1 Standards

End of KS2 Standards

Presentation from Meeting for Parents

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