Our aim is to provide a rich curriculum, a mixture of academic, sporting, creative and musical opportunities to ensure all children have the chance to shine. This will motivate the children to become interested, well rounded young people with strong values, who have a love of enquiry, learning and life.  The school is dedicated to continually improving the educational experiences offered through enlivening the curriculum, maintaining high standards and improving facilities.  The school has received The Healthy Schools Award ~ Enhanced status, The Active Mark for School; Bronze Bike It Award and Silver Award for School Travel planning; School Games Silver award and the Sapere Bronze award for Philosophy 4 Children. We are also the first Primary School to be affiliated to the Royal British Legion.

 Aston Clinton School will provide opportunities for each child to achieve their full potential socially, emotionally and academically. We will foster a love of learning, self-respect, empathy and respect for others by placing emphasis on high moral values and celebrating individual success. At the end of their time with us, children at Aston Clinton School will be confident, independent individuals with high self-esteem and good communication skills. Above all they will be happy and prepared for the future.


We aim to achieve our vision by:  


  • Offering a broad, creative and balanced curriculum that emphasizes all aspects of learning.
  • Offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities, day and residential trips and inviting visitors into school
  • Raising awareness of the wider community and world by involving all children in charitable and community events
  • Celebrating individual and group success
  • Creating an environment where children feel safe to take risks, be creative and express themselves confidently




Our Vision for ICT

As ICT underpins today’s modern lifestyle it is essential that all pupils gain the confidence and abilities, that they need, to prepare them for thechallenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing motivation and social skills.

At Aston Clinton School our aims are to:

• Enable staff and children become independent, enthusiastic, confident and competent users of ICT.

• Enable staff to develop professionally by enhancing their teaching skills, management skills and administrative skills.

• Allow children to achieve specific ICT skills as set down in the school’s scheme of work, including the skills of using the internet safely and appropriately, as well as appraising information from the internet for its relevance and accuracy;

• Engage the children in a stimulating and relevant curriculum that has ICT embedded in it, at home and at school.

• Enrich the curriculum on offer to all children and to develop children’s creativity.

• Allow children to appreciate the relevance of ICT in our society and that they see it as an essential tool for learning, communication, finding information and for controlling and understanding their environment.

• Raise children’s interest and awareness of ICT through the regular display of their ICT enhanced work in the classrooms and around the school, and the positive attitude of staff towards ICT.

• Provide reliable, up to date hardware that enables ICT to be used by staff and children when they need it.